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Down and Dirty How To in installing USB Loader GX.

NOTE: This info is rather old, but the basic info should still be usefull

This info is an exact copy of the information I found here ALL credit for this HowTo goes to 'l2yan' the original poster.

It doesn't matter if you're one of the people that has a newer wii and can't load backups from a DVD or if you just want to play some of your backups easily from a USB, you can do it with this guide! USB Loader GX is constantly being updated and sometimes has some weird bugs on certain games. It also isn't compatible with all types of flash drives or HDD's yet. so check your compatibility here:


  • Network Connection
  • Homebrew Channel
  • Wad Manager v1.4
  • SD Card
  • USB Drive or HDD
  • Required Files


  1. First thing to do is backup everything on your SD card to your computer, seeing as though this is the easiest way for installation.
  2. Unzip the required files to the root of the SD card, then go put it in the SD slot of your wii.
  3. Turn on your wii, and once it loads up, go to the homebrew channel.
  4. While in the homebrew channel, click to load the Wad Manager 1.4
  5. Once the application loads up, choose IOS249 then select SD card installation. Once you do that choose to install "USB Loader #:GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad" Once the installation is complete you can then press HOME on the wiimote to restart your wii.
    NOTE: By installing the previous wad file, you installed a forwarder channel for the USB Loader, that means when running the USB Loader you must have the SD card in the wii because it is running the application inadvertently from the homebrew channel
  6. Once you have the Forwarder channel installed, go back into the homebrew channel. Once you are there click on the cIOS38rev14 installer. Press A and choose the network installation and make sure all the files install correctly. When finished, press HOME to reboot.
  7. After the wii resets, go back into the homebrew channel. Once you are there again choose to load cIOS36rev10 installer. Like before, press A and choose network installation. Make sure all files are installed correctly.

After that, your USB Loader should be working! Sometimes you will get one that is password protected though, if so just enter ab121b as the password and you will be fine.

Restoring USBLoader GC after accidental Update (SuperMario Galaxy 2)

Load the We_Hack_Wii package to an SD Card Install homebrew and boot Mii Perform a NAND backup if necessary

Load DOP-Mii

DOP-Mii Checking for STUB files

Which IOS would you like ot use to install other IOSes?
Choose "IOS: 36"
Choose "IOS, BC, MIOS"
Press the left arrow on the D-Pad and cycle through the IOS's.
Make sure IOS 222 and 249 are not marked (STUB) in the "Currently Installed" section (you can ignore the "Selected Version Details" section)
If either IOS 222 or 249 are marked (STUB) then uninstall them by pressing the minus (-) key on the Wiimote.

Now exit DOP-Mii and run the installer for either IOS 222 and/or 249

IOS 249 Installer

Launch the IOS 249 v19 Installer
Use the Left and Right buttons on the D-PAD to select "IOS 36" and press "A".
Press "A" again to accept the disclaimer.
Select "IOS38 v3867" as the Base IOS version.
Next choose "Network installation" as the installation more.
NOTE: turn off any proxy servers before proceeding
Press "A" to start the install.

The IOS should download and install.

Archive of the above page. We Hack Wii HowTo