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Cisco uses a proprietary OS called 'IOS'

Logging In

In order to make changes to the IOS configurations you need to login as an Enabled user, to do this type:


You will then be prompted for a password (assuming a password has been set for this account).

Basic Commands

Show the currently running configuration

show running-config

or in IOS Shorthand

sh run

Configure an interface

config term
interface fa0/1

Delete a line from a config

Prepend 'no' to a line to delete it. Example: To delete

switchport mode access

issue this command

no switchport mode access

Save a config

Copy running config to startup config (RAM) to (NVRAM)

copy run start

Reset a port

config term
int fa0/1
no shutdown

Show MAC Table

show mac-address-table


sh mac-address-table

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