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Category Tips

To create a fresh "New" Category type it into the Browser Address bar.
Where "Animals" is the name of the new Category.

If it is in fact a new category, "Edit" the category and add text and such to it.

  • Categories are not a Tree Hierarchy!
  • Only Categories can be Sub-Categories.

Categorize an Article

Place the following at the end of the article:


where NameOfCategory is the name of the Category you want to associate the artical with.

Create a Sub-Category

Sub-Categories are just categories that are linked to other categories.

Just like in the example above, place the following at the end of the category page:


where NameOfParentCategory is the name of the Parent Category where you want the Sub-Category to be a member of.

Create a hyperlink to a Category


will appear as Category:Foo

Notice the colon (:) before the word Category!!



will appear as Foo Notice the colon (:) before the word Category and the Pipe (|) between the 2 Foo's!!
The Foo after the Pipe is the Title (which can be anything you want not just the Category Title
Example: [[:Category:Foo|Anything You Want Here]] looks like Anything You Want Here but still links to the 'Foo' Category

Confused Yet?  :)


Links are the power behind MediaWiki. They let you add links within articles that make cross referencing data much easier.

Link Article or Category

Create a link to a Category or Article:


Link Article Anchor

Create a link to an Article Anchor (TOC Entry)

[[Ingress Levels#Action Points|Action Points]]

Hyperlinks (External Links)

To create a link to an external website just type the URL:

Looks like:

or mask it with a title

[|LedHed's Wiki]

Looks like: Wiki


Use the Move tab to rename a Page or Category. Moving a page/category will cause the original to be redirected.

You may need to delete the original if the redirect is no longer needed.

Files / Media / Images


To link to a previously uploaded image:


or if you want a caption


Files / Media

If you want to link to a file (like a PDF or a MPG):


NOTE: The caption isn't required but makes the link look better.


Ordered List

    some code here
    more code

  1. Item-1
  2. Item-2
  3. Item-3
  4.     some code here
        more code
  5. Item-4
  6. Item-5

Numbered List

# Item-1
## SubItem-1.1
##:<pre>some code here</pre>
# Item-2
## SubItem-2.1
##: Indented Line
## SubItem-2.2

  1. Item-1
    1. SubItem-1.1
      some code here
  2. Item-2
    1. SubItem-2.1
      Indented Line
    2. SubItem-2.2

Bullet List

* Item1
** SubItem1
* Item2
** SubItem2
*** Sub-SubItem2

  • Item1
    • SubItem1
  • Item2
    • SubItem2
      • Sub-SubItem2

Indented List

; Item
: SubItem
: SubItem
; Item
: Subitem


Editing Tips

  • <br> = Break or New Line
  • Use <nowiki></nowiki> tags to ignore wiki formatting

There is also an Icon for this at the top of the editor.

  • Use a * (Asterisk) at the beginning of a line to create a bullet
  • Force an indent with :
  • Double indent with :: and so on.

Creating Tables

{| class="wikitable"
!Header 1              !!Header 2             !!Header 3
| something            || something else      || something else else

Looks like this:

Header_1 Header_2 Header_3
something something else something else else

Start/Open the Table

{| class="wikitable"

Create Headers

First Header:


NOTE: The single bang (!)

Subsequent Headers:


NOTE: The double bang (!!)

Column Dividers

First Column Divider:


NOTE: The single pipe (|)

Subsequent Column Dividers:


NOTE: The double pipe (||)

Row Dividers

This will create a new Row divider (Top or Bottom):


End/Close the Table


Force a Table of Contents (TOC)

Add this anywhere you want the TOC to be displayed.


Adding Color

You can set text color by using:

 <span style="color:#009000"> TEXT </span>

You can set style="background:#000000" color or both style="color:#009000;background:#000000" Your text will look something like this:

Pre-Formatted Text

You can force pre-formatted text with the PRE tags.