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Change SQL Password is a great plugin for Squirrelmail if you store your user accounts in a SQL database. This plugin provides a way for end users to change their passwords.


Installation Notes

This plugin requires the Compatibility Plugin be installed and corresponding Compatibility Plugin be applied to Squirrelmail.
PHP support for Pear-DB must also be installed. One method is to install via a package.
In RH/Fedora Distros these packages are called php-pear-DB and php-pear

Pear-DB format is as follows:

'mysql://SQLuser:[email protected]/mail'
mysql://        =  type of Database to connect to (In this case MySQL)
SQLuser         =  User with access to the Database
MySQL_Password  =  Password for Above MySQL User
localhost       =  Server Address, (can also be an IP address or Hostname)
/mail           =  Name of the Database(Schema) you are connecting to