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I came across a strange situation where a folder in Windows Explorer was named "My Documents" and at the same time from the command line it showed as Private. The folder was actually named "Private" but Explorer will display a different name in certain situations. In this case the folder properties said it was marked "Read Only", and inside that folder it had a desktop.ini file. In this scenario Explorer uses the info in desktop.ini for the folders display name.


1) you could try to delete the desktop.ini (but this is useless as it seems to always come back). 2) you could remove the "Read Only" attribute, but thats not always ideal. 3) you create a reg Reg_SZ under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\ named "UseDesktopIniCache" and set its value = 0

Option 3 tells the computer to stop creating the desktop.ini file.

You can create a GPO for this as well.